MoonLove Tarot CAPRICORN March 2024

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Hi my dear Capricorn and welcome to your

reading welcome to Moon love Tarot I

hope you’re doing well and everything is

fine with you I’m so grateful to have

you here we are going to see in this

reading your main energy for the month

of March what surprises are in store


you I also would like to invite you to

use your intuition and take only the

messages that resonate with your

situation as this is a general reading

so drop those which don’t don’t try to

fit them if they

don’t intuitively you will uh pick up

exactly the messages that are meant for

you now let’s see what we have for

Capricorn in the month of

March start off with the four of

Pentacles something important related

with your money I feel like you discover

maybe a new way of making money maybe

something regarding your current

finances the seven of

Cups maybe a new income stream as we

have a lot of possibilities here and

different projects that show up for

you the three of

Pentacles it’s like people want to

collaborate with you you find the right

people the right project the right

boss the Ace of

Swords with something new it is that um

new energy for your money for anything

related with your

materials the king of

Cups you are reaching to the level of

the kingor Capricorn and judgment that

wanted to come out

beautifully it’s um a moment of change

it’s a moment it’s like you are at the

Crossroad but before that Crossroad you

have some opportunities some projects

some new discussions around things that

you would like to get yourself involved

mainly related with your money with the

four of Pentacles is something that is

precious for you and you are quite

determined perseverant even stubborn in

trying something new in putting a

project um maybe bringing it to life is

something that is important for you and

you have opened doors around you you

have uh opened opportunities with the

seven of Cups there are multiple choices

for you is that idea that business

project or maybe that family project

that you have or even one for yourself

and you have so many options to

transform it into reality doors are

opening energies are opening for you

people come towards you at the right

timing giving you some hints I feel you

will get some small messages from De

different types of discussions with

people for example even small talk even

socializing generally with people at

work with neighbors with

acquaintances you will get get some

pieces of

information that will open new ideas for

you it’s very important the

communication for you in the month of

March and you understanding this type of

hints that will allow you to open new um

new projects new energy for you and that

new start is here you will be able to

say yes you’ll be able to say this is

the day I will start this

project something that is important for

you something you have Clarity maybe you

even have a plan people with whom to

work with you have you are at the level

of the king

people around you see you like this they

see you experience they trust your

advice they trust your word and More

Than This they trust your intuitive your

intuition your intuitive feelings on

this project if you talk with them from

your heart and you say guys I have this

idea I have this opportunity let’s come

together and make this happen I truly

believe and I feel it in my gut that

this will work you will have them in a

great great team either there are your

family members making a common project

either there are people at work or

people with whom you collaborate even

companies or clients because we have

here Harmony collaboration you have

people who align with your vision who

say yes I believe in that let’s go

forward yes I believe in what you’re

saying is the same as I view things I

know that we can do a great thing

together this is the the energy coming

from the people around you and you will

just click with them you will click with

them at the way you work ways of working

will be very similar your uh ways of

doing things and it’s a quite um a very

balanced energy of teamwork here

judgment shows that things are different

than you have done up to now things are

different because you have changed you

have transformed you know what to value

and first how to Value people the

collaboration with them how to Value the

relationship and later on the outcome of

the project if people feel valued feel

they seen and their opinions matter you

are showing this to them and they are on

board either your friends if you have an

idea to create something with them

either family members if you have um a


project either people at work in any

types of level even um co-workers or

managers you have that uniqueness in the

month of March

to put people first because you know

that this will drive the outcome that

you would like let’s see more

information there’s quite a lot of

wisdom quite a lot of strategic uh

energy from your side and this will lead

to Improvement of your finances because

this is an important Finance you will be

at a crossroad here with the four of

Pentacles a crossroad where you will

choose what is best for your

strategically I feel not using

necessarily your intuition but making a

plan for the next 6 months and you will

see both options how they will develop

on the next 6 months and you will say

yes I feel this is um more relevant for

me now so I will go on this path let’s

see first about this Crossroad I’m

sensing here what is the crossroad for

Capricorn in

March Three of Wands something that you

have started maybe there are some

discussions is not something completely

new we have the energy of the Three of

Wands showing expansion first but

showing that there have been some

previous steps maybe initially

discussions you know who you talk to

it’s something that has been happening

in the late um months or weeks and it’s

something that you feel it’s coming at a

certain point you will be faced with the

situation to choose because you won’t be

able to juggle with two things at once

and you will choose the one that will

lead you closer to your vision to this

new star that you want either it’s a

type of collaboration type of contract

of working contract or some clients if

you have a business either it’s um a

project that brings you the skills the

skill set that you need for this new

start you will choose what is more

advantageous for you I feel let’s see a

little bit more about this

Crossroad if we can know more for


the king of Cups showing up twice it’s

very important to listen to your


also it’s very important to listen to

your heart if you follow that new start

that is an idea coming from your

heart then things will uh come to you

easier then you will align with a

different type of energy heart energy is

a higher vibration and this attracts

better things for you more money more

people willing to help you more people

willing to work with you if you do

something from your

heart things are um coming your way and

I feel like this is an important um

aspect for you to reflect upon and to

write down if what I want strategically

is aligned with my heart and if it is

you will see Miracles happening in your

resources in your finances in the people

that you will attract in the

opportunities and doors that you will

open up let’s see this new beginning

with the Ace of Swords I’m drawn to this

Ace of Swords what is this idea this

project and we

have the Moon the Moon and um shows that

what is in your sub conscious will be

brought to light maybe it’s um project

that you had in mind or an idea or a

dream or or an initiative that you had

since childhood that you always hope

that you will actually see

it live that you will see it manifest

come to

fruition something that you’re quite


emotionally maybe it’s a project uh that

you wanted to do for others for the

benefit of others

that holds an important theme for you

it’s a personal very personal intimate

subject topic on that project even if

it’s art even if it’s business even if

it’s family

oriented the topic of this new beginning

it’s very intimate for

you it’s something that challenges you

maybe it opens up some uh sensitive

subjects for you since childhood

or since your um adult life but more

sensitive emotional topics that you will

address through this and I feel like

this is going to

make a he an important healing part of

you and for others

also let’s see also

another apart from this energy what else

is important for Capricorn in the month

of March

and we have the hanged

man the hangman shows that there are

moments in any type of progress and

growth when things stand still and this

is okay to be like this you are more um

wise now my dear Capricorn and the

moments when things are stagnant you

don’t go against them you don’t get

upset this is standing still not working

you actually use that moment to

reposition yourself and to look at

things from a different perspective you

see there is that light it’s like an

idea comes to you you use that moment of

break of stagnation of

pause to think things differently and

this is a major gain of yours this is um

going with the flow and understanding

that each step of the process has its

significance let’s see one more card my

dear Capricorn more more important

energy for you in the month of

March seven of

Pentacles you are starting to see how

your initiatives your projects from the

past have grown

silently and now they are ready to

Spring ready to show your

rewards great results for you you are

about to receive little by little to eat

the fruits to see the fruits of your

previous actions maybe seven weeks ago 7

months ago you are starting to see

things growing and um you are protecting

them also you are investing in their

growth and this is going to be amazing

let’s see also so an oracle advice for

you inner

truth taking your time to

reflect on the situation will bring to

light things and Powerful Revelations

you never

knew that’s what I have for you my

beautiful Capricorn I hope you enjoy

this if so please leave your thought in

the comment section below also like

share and subscribe to the

channel thank you so much and I will see

you next week at your reading bye

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